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Precision cleaning for high demands

Waste air purification with a wide range of applications achieving extremely low clean gas values also at low residual concentrations. Odour-intensive pollutants like H2S, Mercaptanes, VOC etc. are being removed due to the high loading capacity of the activated carbon. Activated carbon filters are Cost-effective, compact, and simple solution for high demands.

Easy process technology

  • universal applicability
  • multiple in-situ regeneration possible
  • no additional energy consumption
  • low pressure drop because of hard and abrasion-restistant activated carbon

High purification efficiency even with high moisture content

  • until air moisture of 98%
  • well-suited for humid air from sewerage and wastewater treatment plants

Reasoned concept

  • manholes for infilling or exchange
  • sampling tube for measurement of loading of activated carbon

Long lasting construction

  • plant components made of corrosion and chemical resistant materials

30 years of experience

  • Active references of each size
  • Worldwide delivery, installation and service


A plus of the activated carbon filters next to its universal applicability is the easy process technology. It is about filters of varying sizes in which the pollutants to be cleaned accumulate on the inner surface of the activated carbon.

This only works until the activated carbon is saturated having no further capacity to eliminate the pollutants. Both the regeneration and the catalytic oxidation of the activated carbon involve high costs and energy consumption for the removal or exchange. Therefore, it is advisable to balance reasons for the use of normal activated carbon absorbers.

For these reasons we chose an activated carbon that can be regenerated in-situ directly at the operator without additional energy consumption.


  • Multi Venturi Scrubber
  • Cross Flow Scrubber
  • Counter Current Scrubber
  • Biotrickling Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Bio Filter