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Terms and Conditions


1.1. Plastica Ventilation Products Limited. Company registration number is 15606277. Registered address is 1110 Elliot Court, Coventry Business Park, Herald Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6UB


2.1. You can contact us by sending an email to


3.1. These terms and conditions apply to any purchases you make on our website. They set out important information about yours and our rights and obligations.

3.2. Please read these terms carefully before you place any orders on our site and check that they contain everything you want and nothing that you are not willing to agree to, as you must accept these terms before you place your order.

3.3. For the purposes of these terms, any reference to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘Seller’ in these terms is to Plastica Ventilation Products Limited, and any reference to ‘you’ , ‘your’, ‘Customer’ or ‘Buyer’ shall mean any company, organisation or individual to whom a quotation is offered, or whose order is accepted by the Seller or any person placing an order on our site.

3.4. You must be at least 18 years old to place an order on our site. If you are a business customer placing an order on behalf of a business, you confirm that you have authority to place such order for and on behalf of that business.

3.5. We may make changes to these terms at any time. However, the terms which apply to your order will be those in force at the time you submitted your order to us.

3.6. Please print out or save a copy of these terms and any emails from us for your records, as we will not save or file a copy for you. These terms are only available in English.

3.7. Do you need extra help? If you would like this contract in another format (for example: large print, braille etc) please contact us using the contact details at the top of this page.


4.1. All offers, quotations, estimates, acceptances and contracts are subject to these terms and conditions. Any terms or conditions which any other person seek to impose or make part of any contract, shall so far as is inconsistent with these terms and conditions, not apply unless expressly agreed by the Seller in writing. The headings in these terms are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation unless expressly agreed by the Seller in writing.


5.1. If the Seller and Buyer agree that electronic trading between them shall be a basis for ordering processing and invoicing then these terms and conditions shall apply subject to any special terms and conditions terms which are specific to electronic trading and which have been agreed by the parties in writing. Electronic orders shall be valid if all the information agreed between the Buyer and Seller as being required is properly set out in the agreed format and the order is transmitted by the Buyer to the Seller by reference to the correct identification code and is received by the Seller when collecting its electronic mail from the relevant system.


6.1. A quotation by the Seller does not constitute an offer and the Seller reserves the right to withdraw or amend the same at any time prior to the Seller acceptance of the Purchaser’s order.

6.2. Unless stated otherwise, all quotations and published price lists are ex works, exclusive of VAT and shall remain valid for 30 days or such a period as may be quoted but nevertheless the Seller may amend or withdraw any quotation by written or oral notice. Quotations may be varied if the Buyer makes variations in his specifications.


7.1. Please check your order carefully and correct any errors before you submit it to us.

7.2. After you place your order, we will send you an acknowledgment email once we have processed your order. This does not mean that your order has been accepted by us. Your order is an offer to buy products from us on these terms.

7.3. Acceptance of your order by us takes place when we process and ship your order to you, at which point a legally binding contract is formed between you and us on these terms. We will send you an invoice receipt to let you know once your order has been dispatched.

7.4. If we do not accept your order, for example because we have been unable to pre-authorise the payment, the products are unavailable, you are under 18 or there has been a mistake regarding the pricing or description of the products, we will email you using the details you provided when you placed your order. We have the right to reject any order for any reason.

7.5. If we are making any bespoke or personalised products for you which are based on measurements or other information you provide to us, you are responsible for ensuring that the information is correct.


8.1. The Buyer warrants that any specification, design or bespoke instruction given by it to the Seller will not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights of any third party.

8.2. If goods supplied by the Seller to the Buyer’s design, modification or specifications infringe or are alleged to infringe any patent or registered design right or copyright of any third party, the Buyer in-demnifies the Seller against all damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) incurred by the Seller as a result of any claim arising from the infringement or allegation. The Buyer agrees to promptly give the Seller all possible help in meeting any infringement claim brought against the Seller.


9.1. All orders are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that any product will be available at any given time. In certain circumstances beyond our reasonable control, for example where there has been a change in law, we may need to stop selling certain products. If this happens and it affects your order, we will notify you by email, cancel your order and provide you with a full refund (including any delivery costs) if payment has already been taken.


10.1. If you would like to make any changes to your order after you have submitted it, please contact us as soon as possible and we will let you know if it is possible to change your order.


11.1. Descriptions of our products are set out on our website.

11.2. Please read the product description carefully. Pictures and images of the products or their packaging on our site are for illustration purposes only. Your products and their packaging may vary slightly from those pictures or images.

11.3. We cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on your device will match exactly the appearance of your products. The colours of the products displayed on our site may vary depending on what device you are using and your settings.

11.4. The stated standards set out on our website are as accurate as possible but as we supply products to pre-determined national and international pipe standards (which do not set out weights, and some sizes and/or measurements) these vary slightly between manufacturers and on occasion if our usual products are unavailable we may substitute with those from a different manufacturer.


12.1. Prices for our products are set out on our site. All prices are in pounds sterling (£)(GBP) and include VAT at the applicable rate, but exclude delivery charges.

12.2. Prices for our products and delivery charges may change at any time. Except as set out in clause 12.3 below, such changes will not affect existing orders.

12.3. If there has been an error on the site regarding the pricing of any of our products and this affects your order, we will try to contact you using the contact details you provided when you placed your order. We will give you the option to re-confirm your order at the correct price or to cancel your order. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled and notify you by email.


13.1. We accept all credit cards and debit cards which are stated on our checkout. Other payment methods are available and are clearly shown at our checkout. All credit card and debit card payments need to be authorised by the relevant card issuer.

13.2. We will take payment from your card when your order is placed on our website. If the payment is unsuccessful, we will try to contact you using the contact details you provided when you placed your order. If we are unable to contact you, we will cancel your order and notify you by email.

13.3. Account customers will be sent an invoice for payment via email, this is to be paid through the bank by the date stated on the invoice. This payment method is only available to customers who have applied for a 30-day account.


14.1. Please contact us for information on delivery options and costs – You will be given available delivery options to choose from when you place your order. We do not deliver to any address outside the UK unless pre-arranged with us.

14.2. Your order will be dispatched to arrive on the selected delivery date or within the delivery period specified, depending on the delivery option you chose when you placed your order to the best of our abilities but it cannot be guaranteed. Our delivery partners aim to deliver your order within 2 weeks of the shipping confirmation email unless you selected a different delivery period or otherwise agreed between you and us.

14.3. Any delivery dates stated during the order process, or in your order acknowledgment or shipping confirmation emails, are estimates, unless we have agreed a specific delivery date with you.

14.4. We will do all that we reasonably can to ensure your order is delivered within the delivery period or on the delivery date agreed with you. If your delivery is delayed, we will contact you to let you know as soon as reasonably possible. However, we are not liable to you for any losses you incur if delivery is delayed because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control (for example, severe weather, accidents or unpredictable traffic delays) or any unpredictable delays with the delivery company.


15.1. Delivery will take place at the address specified by you when you placed your order with us.

15.2. If no one is available to take delivery, please contact us using the contact details at the top of this page. If a further delivery attempt is unsuccessful or our delivery partners are unable to follow your delivery instructions, we will notify you by email, cancel your order and refund you the price of the products (but not the delivery charge).

15.3. Please examine the products as soon as reasonably possible after delivery and notify us of any fault or damage as soon as reasonably possible.

15.4. Once your order has been delivered to your address or in accordance with the delivery instructions you provided to us, the risk in the products passes to you and the goods are classed as having been ‘delivered’. This means that you are responsible for the products and we are not liable to you if the products are stolen or damaged after they have been delivered to you. This does not affect your legal rights if the products are faulty or misdescribed. Ownership of the products passes to you once you have paid for them in full.

15.5. We may deliver your goods in one or more instalments unless otherwise agreed between you and us in writing.


16.1. Except in the circumstances listed in clause 16.4, you have 14 days from the delivery date to change your mind and cancel your order.

16.2. If you cancel your order before the 14 days cancellation period ends and you have already received the order, you must return the goods to us without undue delay and in any event within 14 days of telling us that you want to cancel your order. The deadline is met if you send the goods back to us before the 14-day period has expired.

16.3. We strongly recommend that you get proof of postage. We may withhold the refund until we have received the products back from you or until you have provided us with evidence that you have sent the products back (whichever is earlier).

16.4. You do not have the right to cancel orders that are specially ordered, fabricated and/or made to your specifications, bespoke or personalised goods or any products that have a protective seal (eg liquid, gel or paste type products, glue, electrofusion fittings, coils) if that seal has been broken. These will be identified on our website as non-returnable products.

16.5. To cancel your order, please have your order number ready and include it in the email to EMAIL HERE.

16.6. Products must be returned to us in a new and unused condition and, to the extent possible, in their original packaging. We may make a deduction from the refund amount if you or your chosen return carrier handled (or we received) the product in a way that has diminished the value of the product, if such handling was beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. You are responsible for the products while they are in your possession. Note that putting tape directly onto the parts when returning them can cause a reaction with the plastic, due to the glues in the tape. We would advise against doing this as it diminishes the value of the product.

16.7. Unless your products are faulty or misdescribed, you are responsible for the cost and arrangement of returning the products to us.

16.8. We will provide you with a full refund (including basic delivery charges if the full order is cancelled) as soon as possible. If you cancelled before you received any products or before they were sent to you, we will issue the refund no later than 14 days after the day on which you told us that you want to cancel. If you have sent products back to us, we will issue the refund no later than 14 days after the day we receive the products back from you or, if earlier, 14 days after the day you provide us with evidence that you have sent the products back.

16.9. We will issue your refund to the same payment method you used when you placed your order.


17.1. The products that we provide to you must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. We are under a legal duty to supply products that are in conformity with our contract with you.

17.2. During the expected lifespan of your product, you are entitled to the following:

Up to 30 days: If your product is faulty, you can get an immediate refund.
Up to six months: If the product cannot be repaired or replaced, then you are entitled to a full refund in most cases.
Up to six years: If the product does not last a reasonable length of time, you may be entitled to some money back.

17.3. The table above is a summary of some of your key rights. They are in addition to your cancellation rights set out in clause 16 above. For more detailed information on your rights, visit the Citizens Advice website at or call 0808 223 1133.

17.4. If your products are faulty or mis described, please contact us as soon as reasonably possible. You will need to provide evidence of the fault, which will be inspected once the product is returned to us for quality control reasons.


18.1. We are not liable to you if we fail to comply with these terms because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control (including carrier issues).


19.1. If we breach these terms or are negligent, we are liable to you for foreseeable loss or damage that you suffer as a result. By ‘foreseeable’ we mean that, at the time the contract was made, it was either clear that such loss or damage would occur or you and we both knew that it might reasonably occur, as a result of something we did (or failed to do).

19.2. We are not liable to you for any loss or damage that was not foreseeable, any loss or damage not caused by our breach or negligence, or any business loss or damage.

19.3. Nothing in these terms excludes or limits our liability for any death or personal injury caused by our negligence, liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability that the law does not allow us to exclude or limit.


20.1. Any personal information that you provide to us will be dealt with in line with our Privacy Policy, which explains what information we collect and hold about you, and how we collect, store, use and share such information.


21.1. No one other than us or you has any right to enforce any of these terms.


22.1. We will try to resolve any disputes with you quickly and efficiently. If you are unhappy with the products you ordered, our service to you or any other matter, please contact us at EMAIL HERE


23.1. The information contained in the advertising, sales, technical and other literature issued by the Seller may be relied upon to be accurate in the exact circumstances in which it is expressed otherwise any illustrations performance details examples of installations and methods of assembly and all other information and data in such literature are based on experience and upon trials under test conditions and are provided for general guidance only. No such information or data shall form part of the contract unless it is specifically referred to in the Quotation.


24.1. These terms and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by, and construed in accordance with the law of Scotland.

24.2. You and us both irrevocably agree that the Scottish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, these terms, their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


25.1. You are not allowed to transfer your rights under these terms to anyone without our prior written consent. We may transfer our rights under these terms to another business without your consent, but we will notify you of the transfer and make sure that your rights are not adversely affected as a result.

25.2. If any provision of these terms (or part of any provision) is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the legality, validity and enforceability of any other provision of these terms will not be affected.

25.3. If you breach these terms and we take no action, we will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies in any other situation where you breach these terms.