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Special fans

HACIS® ventilation system, up to 40% lower investment costs, up to 60% reduced operating costs

Poor climatic conditions in food production not only affect the quality of the food, but also promote a high level of germ contamination in the air. The resulting consequences are spoiled goods and defective production, which incur considerable costs.

The specially developed ductless HACIS® ventilation system is equipped with UV-C disinfection technology. This results in a continuous reduction in germs and prevents microbiological growth in the form of bacteria, mould or yeast.

Developed in collaboration with:

PGH Engineering Company for Technical Building Equipment mbH
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95448 Bayreuth
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Special fan



  • Can be used in all applications for the food industry (food safe)
  • for optimal climatic conditions and balanced ripening options in dairy farms
  • meets all hygiene requirements of the food industry
  • optionally suitable for installation and extraction from ATEX Zone 2 and 1


  • Volume flow from 500 – 2,500 m³/h
  • at a maximum pressure difference of 550 Pa
  • available in nominal width 280 mm
Volume flow 500 – 2,500 m³/h
maximum pressure difference 550 Pa
Efficiency up to 83%
Nominal diameters 1 nominal width 280 mm
operating temperature 0 – 60 °C
Housing material PP-natural
Impeller material PP-natural
drive Direct drive
Atex Optionally suitable for installation and extraction from ATEX Zone 2 or ATEX Zone 1 in electrically conductive design
Connection options No supply and exhaust air ducts required


  • Use of food-safe PP-natur
  • up to 40% lower investment costs
  • up to 60% reduced operating costs
  • The special design prevents the escape of hazardous radiation
  • integrated UV lamp with splinter protection