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Compact and multifunctional

Our crossflow scrubber reaches an optimum of flexibility. By flowing through various scrubbing stages consecutively, dust, acid or alkaline substances are removed within one plant. The cross-flow scrubber offers a versatile technology with the possibility to run through various stages successively. The stages can optionally be driven as acidic, alkaline, oxidizing, or biological washing.


  • Adaptation to your complex waste air
  • Multiple stages in one housing
  • Simultaneous elution of different contaminants
  • Low construction height without waste loss
  • Scrubbing stages sind nicht baulich getrennt
  • Easy to maintain user interface

Optimal consumption

  • Efficient supply of fresh water
  • Optimal dosing of chemicals
  • Low pressure drop and low pump duty

Reliable and fully automated operation

  • Level switch in pump sump
  • Dry run protection
  • Monitoring of nozzle inlet pressure (Düsenvordruckes?)
  • Fully automated, measurement driven control of chemical dosing
  • Automatic desalination
  • Frost protection for outdoor installation
  • Low risk of clogging by choice of the right packing material

Durable construction

  • Plant components made of corrosion and chemical resistant FRP

30 years of experience

  • Active references of each size
  • Worldwide delivery, installation and service


The air to be cleaned flows horizontally through the packing bed as the scrubber is positioned horizontally. This way, the waste air gets in contact with the washing liquid sprayed from above in a “crossflow” manner. Thereby, the contaminants from the waste air are being transferred to the washing liquid. Depending on the application either a chemical-oxidative or biological operation mode is possible. The waste air is flowing through various milieus. These can be modified because each stage has its own self-sufficient washing liquid system. An optimal and target-oriented removal of contaminants within one plant is ensured.


  • Multi Venturi Scrubber
  • Cross Flow Scrubber
  • Counter Current Scrubber
  • Biotrickling Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Bio Filter