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Plastica have recently concluded 2 major installation for fume cupboard and associated equipment ventilation systems, for up-to-the-minute laboratory complexes.

One appointment was made due to the failure to complete by the original plastic ductwork contactor, Plastica were called in to conclude the PVC/ GRP ductwork installation for a new Integrated Cancer Research centre.

The entire project was at an advanced stage, making access to the work area challenging.

Incorporated within the scope of works included some 70-fume cupboard connection, numerous grille connections, and extensive riser duct installations.

Separately, a contract was secured for the design, manufacture, and installation of extensive laboratory fume cupboard extraction systems for a new research facility within the Oxfordshire area.

The exhaust systems constructed in Upvc included extraction systems from 60 Fume Cupboards, in addition to ceiling and Low-level grilles connections.

The project also required 16 roof mounted stacks, 6 metre tall, multi-leaf volume control, and automated bleed dampers.