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Measuring over 3 metres in diameter, 8.3 metres tall, and weighing in at nearly 2 tonnes, our latest vertical packed fume scrubber leaves the Plastica-Air factory.

Here at Plastica-Air we have an expansive list of successful fume scrubber installations from a comprehensive range of applications. This impressive unit is designed for an air flow rate in excess of 11m3/s, operating with a negative pressure of -2500pa. It will provide a high level of air purification from an extraction system handling mixed streams of chemically polluted air. The scrubber is a random packed design, complete with integral liquid through distribution system, vertical flow mist eliminator, and duty / standby pump configuration. To maintain optimum performance an automatic dosing system was incorporated within the design.

The shell was constructed in UV stabilised Polypropylene, to the design code BS EN 12573. In addition, Plastica-Air provided over 400 metres of PPS ductwork, and a large quantity of boots, tees, and bends up to 1200dia.

For each fume scrubber we can offer a controls package, that can be developed depending upon client requirements. This can be a simple manual monitoring and adjustment, to a complete automatic philosophy. Our service extends into installation, set up, service and preventative maintenance.

Plastica-Air pride itself on working alongside you to achieve a successful and efficient outcome for each project undertaken. Thanks to the exclusive global trading partnerships we are able to offer the latest technology, with access to some of the most advanced plastic fabrication facilities.

We can support you with sustainable construction of chemical scrubbers, ventilation ductwork, laboratory extraction systems, and more, the experience of our team spans multiple industries allowing us to have a full understanding of your requirements. This means we are able to guide you through the correct application of the latest technology as well as help with resistant material and size selection of our biofilters, chemical scrubbers, and other solutions.

To find out more, contact us on 01564 432112.